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Corde Lisse Workshops



  • Cardio Warmup and Stretch

  • Resistance Band Warmup Sequence; focusing on correct posture and range of motion to maintain strong, healthy shoulders

  • Equipment safety check 

  • Corde Lisse technique fundamentals; essential positions and movements to form the foundation of precise technique and progressions

  • Introductory climbs, tricks, and sequences

  • Intermediate to advanced tricks and combos, as deemed appropriate to student skill-level and experience

  • Creative exploration of individual movement; students are encouraged to discover a style of movement unique to their bodies, an approach that gives them the ambition, excitement and passion to continue their training and artistic process

  • Strength & Conditioning; as an intrinsic part of corde lisse, students will take in techniques and exercises to help build their strength at every level


Workshop length: 2 hours

Attendance: 4-12 participants 


"Thank you for an incredible workshop, the kids are STILL talking about it and how much they loved you!!!!"

Nathalie Yves Gaulthier

Director/Founder at Le PeTiT CiRqUe®, Nathalie Gaulthier Prods LLC/ KIDS IN ACTION/ Le Studio

Los Angeles, California, USA


"Thank you for bringing all of your knowledge and joy of circus to our Master Youth Intensive! So happy to have you this week!"


Jean-Luc Martin

Founder & CEO, Program Director,  and Master Teacher


San Diego, California, USA

Denver, Colorado, USA

Auckland, New Zealand

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